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Clearance Acousticom 2 RF Detector Used in very good condition


Barely used. The Acousticom 2 RF Detector by EMFields is a small and popular EMF meter that detects RF from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile phones. It has simple controls, easy to read results, but still using the same advanced microwave detector as the Acoustimeter. This small and light EMF monitor instrument is perfect for those on a budget.


15 in stock (can be backordered)


RF (WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Phones Etc)


200MHz – 8GHz



More Info

The Acousticom 2 is an electromagnetic pollution detector developed to measure high-frequency electromagnetic waves. With this meter you can test a wide range of home appliances and detect radiation coming from cell towers, smart meters,  microwave ovens, Wi-Fi, mobile phones and other devices.

The Acousticom 2 measurements range from 200 MHz to 8 Ghz, frequencies used by most modern communication systems that surround us. The LED light scale indicates the peak measurement of high frequency electromagnetic radiation with a sound indicator that you can switch off. If there is a high exposure level, this meter will generate a pulsing warning signal. This device works very precisely and is able to record even extremely short signals.

This meter uses the same RF detector as its top of the range Acoustimeter model, but in a more compact size and still easy to use and understand. The size of this portable device is 110 x 63 x 21 mm and it weighs 140g including battery. It comes with a PP3 9V Alkaline battery that lasts up to 10 continuous hours. It includes a practical carring case, for you to take it anywhere you want to detect microwave radiation and a user manual.

*If you want to measure low frequency electric and magnetic fields the PF5 Meter is an excellent complement to the Acousticom 2.


Frequency range: 200 – 8 000 Mhz
Pace: 500 measurements per second
Low battery indicator shown by red V/m LED



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