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Affiliate Programme Guide

Welcome to our affiliate programme. We have written this quick-start guide to help you get set up with our affiliate programme!

The Affiliate Dashboard

This is where you can control your affiliate links and creatives, and see your visits, earnings and more.

Affiliate Link

Your affiliate link is unique to you. Any customer who visits our site using this link will be assigned to you; if they make a purchase you will receive your standard commission. You can use this link anywhere you would like. You can also add a link to a specific product using the ‘generate URL’ option. This can be used to send a customer directly to a product whilst still assigning them as your referral.

Affiliate Coupon

Here you will find any coupons that have been assigned to you. Customers can use these coupons to receive a discount at checkout. Any customer who uses one of your coupons will be assigned as your customer and you will receive your commission; this is regardless of whether they accessed the site through your link. This is a great option for people who mainly refer customers to us offline.


Here you can see all the purchases that have been made using either your affiliate link or affiliate coupon and your total earnings to date.


The creatives section of the affiliate dashboard shows any banners that we have created for you to use. This section will be constantly updated so make sure to check back regularly! You can copy and paste the code below the images and then embed them in your site; they will work particularly well in blog sidebars. If anyone clicks these images and goes through to our site they will again be automatically assigned to you and you will receive a commission on any purchase they make.


Here you can see the number of people who have visited our site using one of your links, regardless of whether they have made a purchase or not.


Customer Support

UK-based support: 01200 44 77 70